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Re: Neuer holländischer Bremswagen
« Antwort #45 am: 15.07.2014, 21:56:40 »
sorry guys - english again ...  8)

Thank you "Moin" for the verry good explanations.
Out from my point of view there are 2 interesting questions

1.) Technical points
2.) Rules and organisational questions.

I little want discuss the Item 1:
A good sled is verry complex technical equipment - and when cange one "number" in the whole "calculation" the sled finish working properly
When now (with the mounting of crash absorbers) the box traveling byond the pivot point is shortened - the whole system change its behavor.
Out from my point of view the US sleds are developt so to say in a corner
(verry light to start, long time load on the rear end and verry fast and aggressive breaking in the end)
This gives in theorie fast pulls with good distances (also for the underpowerd tractors).
But so far the theorie.
when now one little thing changes and the sled crew is not verry verry experienced with this kind of machine - it goes wrong in big scale
(the videos show it all).
I agree with "Moin" that the modifyed US Sled from the NTTO will never work verry good.
May be it will be an average sled - but never will be a top machine.

Now for item 2
verry long time a go i read something about min and max panweight for a sled
@Moin: pls can you bring little light into the dark  ;D

And last but not least i had to kick on the group what all and everything blames to the ETPC
in waht boat the ETPC is sitting ?
its up to the member Countries to change things
From the point of view of our fellow posters in this forum
Who is the ETPC ?
the President --> no - he works for the ETPC
the ETPC Board --> no also the Bord works for the ETPC
the NTTO  --> no the NTTO is a national Organisation (and a Member of ETPC)

There is one simple answer to the Question who is ETPC:
All the Member Coutries are togehter the ETPC - ervery country have one equal Vote ....
And the majority of Votes is making  decessions.
and  now the 1000000000 euro Question:
how many Votes have NTTO ----> unbelivable but true   1 VOTE !!!

Now we come to the Question why NTTO can all do this and only look for a fee of 1000 EUR ?
unbelivable but true --> because there is an actual Rule for this
--> the member countries do not like it --> not problem vote on the change and it is changed.
--> the member countries have the impression its necessary to take action  --> no problem, with me majority of votes

The bad news: The ETPC Member Countries have to do something TOGEHTER

keep on pulling  ;D

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Re: Neuer holländischer Bremswagen
« Antwort #46 am: 15.07.2014, 22:15:58 »
Und alles andere im Reglement wird bestimmt auch noch passend geändert, damit die orange Rutsche irgendwann Gold kriegen kann.
Dem steht ja nichts mehr im Weg nachdem am Wochenende ja schon 2 Eurocupklassen damit "gebremst oder besser gesagt ausgeschaukelt" und die Leute verschaukelt wurden. Man man man >:(
So kriegt man alles durch!!
Gruß Daniel

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Re: Neuer holländischer Bremswagen
« Antwort #47 am: 16.07.2014, 20:27:10 »

Also Moin ist schon wieder so unentspannt wie eine Kette zwischen Zugpendel und "Rutsche". ;D

Seine Ausführungen stehen genau betrachtet nicht im Widerspruch mit meiner Aussage, dass sich unterschiedliche Bremswagen auf unterschiedlichen Pisten anders verhalten. Bei seinem Beispiel mit dem Green Spirit hat dann für diesen Traktor mit diesem Bremswagen mit diesem Fahrer auf dieser Piste alles perfekt zusammengepaßt. Auf einer anderen Piste mit der Anholter Rutsche hinten dran  hätten  die Griffons wieder bei der 80 Meter Marke das berüchtigte Griffon Schluckauf bekommen.

Hello antique_puller,

Do you also live in the early 90´s as Moin probably would say?  In my opinion the NTTO maybe has just one vote like all other countries in the ETPC. But it seems  that the NTTO vote does make the decision. The NTTO is one of the oldest member in the ETPC and it is the most sucsessfull and popular  from the beginning. The president of the ETPC is? Right! From the netherlands. Why do the ETPC need a president? OK, for this discussion it might be not the right place here.

First what i am wondering about is that a sled without gold signing can be used in ETPC by only paying 1000 Euro. Who thought about that rule? They made that rule because they know one day there is a use of it. Congratulations!

Second i am wondering about is that this sled is used in Eurocup competition.

Third i am wondering about is that none NTTO teams pull this sled on eurocup competition.

Maybe we schould think about the payment of 1000 Euro by the teams who pull this sled. I think only that would change something. And that very quick. Te main point is not to discuss about it but to do it.

Full Pull!

Regards Gordon